Saturday, September 16, 2006

My latest (in a string of very few) excitement.

I recently commissioned a sketch by legendary comic book artist Gene Colan. He recently annoucned his retirement and he put the word out that he'd be doing a limited amount of commission over the next few months. I ponied up and put my money down. What I got back is beyond my wildest imagination. I asked for the character Nathaniel Dusk. This is what I received.

This is the original sketch by Gene. After that I had the option of having Dave Gutierrez do an inked version (as well as the possibility of doing a "fantasy cover") of the piece.

This is the inked version from Dave.

And this is the "fantasy cover" of a never-to-be-had issue of Nathaniel Dusk: Private Investigator. I gave absolutely no input on how the piece would turn out and it's too amazing for words. I did help Dave out by finding some images online of the logo for the book, but he took it from there and turned it into a masterpiece. is my favorite freakin' color!!!

Words just don't express enough sometimes, you know?