Monday, January 22, 2007

Tony's Book (Company) Review Corner

Hard Case Crime Books.

Charles Ardai and Max Phillips saw the problem. A couple of years ago you could have stood in any bookstore in the country and seen the same problem. Among all of the flavor-of-the-moment best sellers, flash-in-the-pan self-help books and quickly aging boy wizards there was a big hole in your literary landscape. Where were the classic pulp novels that delighted the country from the 1930’s and 40’s through the 1960’s? These books created a world many people never saw: hard-boiled thugs, quick thinking gumshoes and tough dames that had mysteries aplenty; and many people today had never even seen the books themselves in over 50 years. Enter Ardai, Phillips and Hard Case Crime.

Pulp novels not seen in decades now had a new home at Hard Case Crime - and not only that, but new novels in the genre by today’s leading talents have also found a home at HCC. The publisher has taken on the task of bringing classic tales of crime and mystery by authors such as Erle Stanley Gardner, Wade Miller, Day Keene, David Dodge and Gil Brewer back to the marketplace alongside noted authors such as Max Allan Collins, Donald E. Westlake, Ed McBain, Stephen King and Pete Hamill. Every month sees a new or re-issued title from the great creators in crime fiction and every one of them is graced by some of the most amazing pulp-themed artwork you’re likely to see by a group of standout artists all inspired by the golden age of the pulp novels. Each book looks as good as it reads, and with the majority of the books ringing up at $6.99 you can be sure that while you’re getting knocked out by the stories, your wallet’s not taking a punch as well.

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