Wednesday, June 20, 2007

You just have to love the internet (and The White Stripes).

I find the second song to be much more enjoyable than the first, but give them credit for sounding so big with just two people.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Is it possible?

Am I the only one who ever liked this band?

Last for the day?

Just because right about now.....rap sucks!

Just enjoy being a junkie.

I love 80s music. (Not all of it mind you because a certain New Jersey band should burn for eternity in the fires of Hell where they belong) I was a huge fan of MTVs 120 Minutes and I wish I had more tapes than I do of it in its prime. I have often wondered if a band back then would have cracked mainstream like Nirvana did, what would music be like today? I can name tons of bands to use as a jumping off point for this fantasy but I'm using the one seen here. I will grant you up front that the lead singer is not much to look at (and as we all know, that means everything, dunnit?) but holy shit.....the music. I have waxed on about this band before here. I'm not saying they're my favorite band ever, I'm just saying what I'm saying. Stop asking so many questions!

YouTube has me in it's clutches. Go! Get help!

I really want to call this NerdRock, but I can't because I have never liked the word Nerd. Or Geek. I can't imagine when people like me started to identify with these words. Yeah, ok, you like science fiction and you maybe like comics or anime or whatever dings your dong, but people these words are not for us. Shitheads called me a nerd when I was a kid and I'll be damned if I'm gonna like being called a geek any better just because it has been re-appropriated by like-minded people. Maybe I over think this. I have it as a topic floating in my head for my podcast (if that ever sees the light of frikkin day), but in my warped mind I compare it to the N word. Some hate it and for others it's ok to use because they've taken it back from it's hateful past...or something like that. Yeah, I don't think so. I guess you can call yourself whatever you want, but letting other people or the media call you names based on your hobbies and interests is bullshit. Fuck, I never understood kids thinking I was smart when I was little because I wore glasses. I had bad eyes, you stupid fuckers, and that didn't make me smart anymore than it made me a nerd.

Enjoy the music.

Holy crap! Two in a row!!!

To anyone of a certain age this will resonate with them like few other things can. To others, this will confound them and they will slink back to playing things like Halo or God of War or whatever other craptacular games these punk kids are playing now.

I mean, Christ Almighty, people. Give me something fun and entertaining to play. Like Combat on the Atari 2600. Or Dig Dug on the Commodore 64 (which, according to Wikipedia - so take it however you want - is the best-selling single personal computer model of all time. Take that Bill Gates! Stick that in your iPod and digitally manage its rights, Steve Jobs!) Hell, I'll take Hunt the Wumpus on my old TI 99/4A any day (yeah, I bought one off of eBay a while back for something like 14 bucks. I know, I rule.)

This was fun. Thank you. You're welcome.

It'll stunt your growth.

One of the only reasons I ever went to a now-defunct movie theatre here in town was, besides the fact that they served halfway decent food and drinks, they used to run the following as a promo before each movie. They used the clip so long that it was of amazingly bad quality by the end of its life, but man, was it funny. Thanks to the joys of the internets, I present it to you all of its mustachioed glory!