Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sometimes, you have to let the man do the work.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Beakman's World Rocks!!!

I was introduced to this show in the early 90s and I always thought it was fantastic, original and fun. Then it disappeared and all I would see was that dipshit Bill Nye around everywhere teaching kids about science. Trust me, folks, that douche has absolutely nothing on Beakman's World. Beakman made learning way funner (yes, I meant to say it that way) than anything I was ever introduced to back in school (I found this with Schoolhouse Rock as well, but that's a subject for another time). If you have a few moments, please enjoy these samplings and check around your cable dial for Beakman's World. After having been off the air for a decade or so it has shown back up on not one but two of my cable stations. Every weekend I find two new eps. to enjoy (but be aware that TiVo doesn't always get the descriptions correct. Most of the time whatever it says the topic is, it isn't, so if you're seeing the same ep. listed twice you should record both because odds are they're different) and I've been recording them all. If only I knew how to record them to my computer and edit them into little chunks for posting on YouTube. I like to share.

The next clip is one I enjoy because a couple times on the show Paul Zaloom (Beakman) and Mark Ritts (Lester the rat) played these sports announcers and it's hilarious. If you watched the first one you will have noticed that the girl sidekick is different from clip to clip. The first one had Alanna Ubach as Josie and during those episodes Beakman was a little less manic than when he was joined by Senta Moses as Phoebe. I enjoy the less manic Beakman, but I take what I can get. And, yes, Lester is always terrific.

My last clip is one I had forgotten all about until I was searching for Beakman clips. It comes from some Bette Midler show called Mondo Beyond (which I have no memory of at all, even though I dig Bette) and it stars Paul Zaloom. This is where I'd first seen him (hell, it may have been the only place I'd seen him before Beakman) and when the clip started I was waiting for him to show up. Once he started his bit, I knew it all over again. Even before he did it I was chiming in with the "dokdokdokdokdok" Trust me, it's worth a gander. Enjoy, please.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tony's Old School August - pt. 4

Public Enemy. Flavor Flav is exactly what he called 911 back in the day. The group has been tarnished by his shenanigans and their impact is almost non-existent anymore. Where are the conscious rap acts? I mean, yeah, wearing the X hats back in the early 90s was goofy because it made Malcolm a product and I can't imagine him enjoying that fact, but Public Enemy had a message that kids today would be wise to listen to. But what do I know?

Tony's Old School August - pt. 3

This was the first thing I'd ever heard by A Tribe Called Quest. High school. Late 80s. Not that I wish I could go back to high school or anything, but damn, I wish this type of rap had become dominant and not....well, sorry gangsta rap, but you honestly should have just been a fad. I call 'em like I see's 'em. Respect tho to Dr. Dre. It's nice to see Common get to the top spot on the charts even though I know absolutely none of his songs. (EDIT: I now own his new album mainly due to the track with Lily Allen on it. She fucking rocks!)

Forgive the ads on the start of this next one. I have to take what I can get from the YouTube Gods.

I am debating whether or not to include Scenario. I like it, but I don't find it typical of their work. It's a jam session with Leaders of the New School (read: Busta Rhymes' original group. He stole this song out from under everybody else) and it's a good video. Fuck it. Here ya go:

Tony's Old School August - pt. 2

Yes, they had their own cartoon. Things like this happened back in the day. But honestly, would you want your kids to watch a cartoon by any of these shitfucker rap "artists" nowadays? Huh? Seriously folks, there is nothing wrong with rap being...wait for it...FUN. I'm not saying Jiggy this and Will Smith that (although we all know that Parents Just Don't Understand was the shit back in the day.). We know this as a fact, but we're talking Kid N Play here. House Party was a decent film. I recognize no sequels. Sorry. No Robin Harris, no House Party. Damn, I wish he was still alive.

As it was...back in the day.

Tony's Old School August - pt. 1

Yeah, so August is almost over and I thought this up a month or so ago, but I just remembered it today. I want to focus on Old School rap. I've always liked rap, but it just makes me sad anymore. None of it is good. Hell, you know what I'm talking about...I don't need to spell it out for you (but I will if it will help). Trust me, I will NOT steer you wrong.

Here is the first of what I believe to be the best of the best from when rap was great. Please enjoy!

Eric B & Rakim were the first to really get sampling down correctly. They mined James Brown long before anyone else and they did it best. No one...and I mean this...NO ONE raps quite like Rakim. The track above gave the world the whole "Pump Up The Volume" dealy, but let us not think less of the for that. I'm sure they had nothing to do with it. Damn you Technotronic!

In a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly Don Cheadle said that his little kids knew ever word of this song. That fucking rocks, folks. Teach the youth, ya hear?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

More from training

I also got into a debate with one of my trainers last weekend about where this clip hails from. She said Sesame Street and I said The Electric Company.

One again, I was wrong. Damn this brain! I'm gonna poke it till it smartens up.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Doesn't take much to make me happy...


Over the weekend (Thurs thru Sunday, actually) I attended a seminar for work. It was very long. The thing that got me through was having a fellow attendee show me the following. I wish I knew how people find things like this. The world is too large of a place to not find nuggets of Genius like this. Enjoy or don't. Enjoy, damn you!