Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy HalloPeeWeen

Happy Halloween (slightly happier).

Happy Halloween (slightly creepy).

Thursday, October 11, 2007

We must save out children from this filth (1982 edition) or Captain Obvious Strikes Again!

So, loyal reader (why kid myself that there's more than one of you. I know it damn sure isn't my lovely bride because she told me that she never watches any videos I post because they're too long. Anyway...) as you have read earlier I have recently come to the realization of just how filthy "Little Red Corvette" is. Today, I found another stunning and blatant example of just how disgustingly filthy pop music truly is. Believe me when I warn you that this is NSFW.

Did you catch all that? As legend (or myth or Mr. Greenjeans) once explained the term "Rock and Roll" is an old phrase meaning sexual fornication. Ok, so Ms. Jett loves "Rock and Roll" and wants you to "put another dime in the jukebox, baby." Well, Ms. Jett, I believe I am now bright enough to understand what you mean (and I am no longer enamored with that lusty guitar riff at approx. 1:37 into the song (2:07 in the video) that I always thought sounded just like a motorcycle engine). Let's look at the facts. A juke box takes coins in a slot. A narrow slot. Do I have to spell it out to you, lone reader? Her cooch is the slot and his junk is the dime (is she implying a manly 10 inches?)! And, hold the phone...what's this? She's trying to get it on with an underage male of only 17 summers.

Filth, people! Filth.

(I will say one thing in the songs favor: it's just under 3 minutes. Songs are too fucking long anymore. Get in, get out and stop fucking wasting my time with your "art", you shitheads.)

(And, because YouTube has everything)(Even shit you never knew existed)(here, then, is the COLOR version of this disgustingly filthy song. Enjoy, you simple degenerate.)